Mycoplasma Bovis

Date: 29 Jun 2018

Greetings Members.

You will be aware of the plight of our Farming Community in recent weeks with the increased risk of Mycoplasma Bovis. The situation is very fluid and expect more information and restrictions to occur.

Today the Government has announced a major cull of animals on infected farms. These farms will remain under quarantine for at least a further 60 days after the cull.

If you become aware of new information that we all need to be aware of or a particular farm that is under Quarantine then please share the information with the membership.

At the gate of a Quarantined Farm – you should see clear signage (Orange “Restricted Place” sign). Please ensure your Crew know what to look for. It is pretty hard for the pilot to see from the air however it is recommended to keep in good communication and be on alert to prevent a landing in such a farm. While not regarded as a significant transmitter of the disease, bacterium in Bovine Urine and Faeces does survive in moist material and Balloons and Vehicles are at risk of exposure and carrying the bacteria onwards.

If an Operator lands in a Quarantined Farm then expect to be prevented from Flying on (i.e. risk of cross contaminating another farm).

Expect to also be Quarantined and de-contamination will be required prior to being allowed to depart the farm.
Vehicles are also perceived as a risk and may need to be de-contaminated. Quarantined Farms have strict cleaning requirements.
Additionally it would be advisable to keep your equipment clean and free of Bovine Faeces (especially Baskets and Envelopes).
This is a high stress time for farmers. Please let’s keep aware and not make it any more stressful for them.

If in doubt please just stay away.

Safe Flying

Scott Cursons

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