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Wairarapa Balloon Festival
18th April – 22nd April (Easter) 2019

Welcome to Wairarapa, New Zealand: land of glistening waters, internationally renowned wine region, farming community and balloonists’ dream. The region’s patchwork landscape of large open paddocks, good road network and welcoming landowners help make life easy for the balloonists, crews and spectators.
Uncontrolled airspace and absence of a major airport in the Wairarapa gives balloon pilots more freedom than at many other events. They have been able to enjoy flights up to 9,500 feet, with stunning views of New Zealand’s snow-capped Southern Alps to the south, and the Pacific Ocean over mountains to the west and hills to the east.

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Balloons over Waikato3 Balloons over Waikato2 Balloons over Waikato1

Balloons over Waikato
19th March – 23rd March 2019

The Waikato has established a reputation as a great place to fly. High quality propane gas, good landowner relations and excellent flying conditions coupled with the warmth and friendliness of the local people ensure all who participate have a great time.

The Waikato is a predominantly farming region rich in natural beauty. The picturesque Waikato River, New Zealand’s longest river, flows through the middle of its lush farmland and bush-clad hills. The rugged coastline and black sand beaches provide spectacular contrast. The region offers excitement and adventure alongside tranquillity and relaxation.

The Balloons over Waikato Festival is an iconic event for Hamilton and the Waikato region.

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